Inspiration for Kismet & Song writing process  

Hi everybody! Happy Tuesday! Christine here. I wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about our inspiration behind Kismet. Every song Melissa & I write is filled with our our personal struggles, feelings and passion. Either myself or Melissa will come up with a title or a few lines that we are feeling and the other person builds off of that. Normally it is Melissa who comes up with the start of each song because that girl has SO much passion and so many songs in her heart. She inspires me so much, and together we have the best time writing songs. Honestly, before I met Melissa I had only written a few full songs on my own, although I was a huge fan of creative writing, short stories & poetry! But I struggled with the structure of writing a full song. When we get together our creativity just flows so nicely. We sit down with her beautiful blue guitar and our song books, then always have a blast putting our real life experience into our music. 

Kismet is such a special song to us because it is the first song Melissa and I ever wrote together. I am a HUGE sucker for love songs so of course, I wanted our first song to be a love song. It took quite a while to perfect since we went through a few band members and the song changed slightly every time someone else played it. We were so excited to finally sit down and record it with a producer Jared Robinson out of Moose Jaw SK, in his studio called Nebulus Entertainment. He really understood the soft, lovely dovey feeling we were going for. The song came out beautifully and we are so proud to call it ours! For myself, I used inspiration from my very first love & high school sweetheart. I remember the feeling of falling in love with him, where it feels like the world stops and you can't believe you ever lived a day without them. Where the sun shines brighter and the birds sing louder; absolutely nothing can get you down because you've found someone that fills the void in your heart that you perhaps didn't even know was there... At least that's what it was like for me. Of course being 16 and full of hormones, I'm sure this amplified the feeling! 

I'm very satisfied that I could get my story out through my lyrics in Kismet. One of the lines I wrote was "You drew me in with the signals you sent". In that line I was trying to describe the feeling of liking a boy and not being sure if he likes you back. Maybe some of the things he does could be considered flirting but you don't know for sure because we all know boys in high school won't be up front with a girl for fear of rejection. Or maybe they're terrified of girls in general, it is hard to say! I'm sure it is different for everyone. The other half of the line, "haven't caught my breath since we first met" was talking about that initial connection you could call "love at first sight". The feeling when someone literally takes your breath away. I hope everybody reading this blog has had a chance to experience this wonderful feeling, even though it maybe didn't last like the fairy tales do.

I hope you know that Killjoy loves you and we'll talk to you again next week! Contact us anytime and let us know what topics you want to see us blog about.



A Break for New Music  

Good afternoon everyone!

Christine here again! I've got some updates that we'd like to share with you!

We've had an incredibly busy summer and we are so thankful for everyone that was able to be a part of it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has been coming to our shows, sharing our posts online and supporting our dream. A few weeks ago we had a band meeting about where we want to go from here and what our next steps should be. As hard as it was to decide, we all agreed that we need to take some time off from shows for the rest of the fall. There was a few reasons for our decision but we especially wanted to take time to focus on writing our second EP. We CANNOT wait to share our new music with you. It is truly is one of the best feelings for a musician! We have several songs on the go but our next single will be called "Spotlight".

You may have seen us posting about Spotlight on our social media, I know we dropped a sneak peak on our Instagram if you want to get a feel for it, go check that out. Melissa and I are especially excited for this one because it is a different writing style than we normally do. Every song we write tells a story but this time we found a way to write the lyrics so it tells two sides to the same story. We want to keep evolving our music, to make it better for all our listeners and to find our true Killjoy sound! There are several songs we are working on and it may be hard for us to decide what makes it on the EP. First world problems hey!? We have started recording Spotlight with Jesse Weiman at Nolita Studios here in Saskatoon so we are excited to work with him again. 

On another note, Halloween is only a week and a half away! What is everyone dressing up as?? We won't be playing a Halloween show this year since we're on this small break but we have BIG plans to party. We are planning to dress up and head out to see our friends in Chrome Empire preform at Bud's on Broadway ave Oct 27th! It's always a good time with those guys. Feel free to join us in our festivities but be prepared to dance all night. Ladies, bring some flats!