K!lljoy is a rock band hailing from the Canadian Prairies formed by vocalists Christine Gedison, and Melissa Kainberger with lead guitarist Mitchell Webb, bassit Carri Beaven and drummer Adam Yeo. K!lljoy began writing their own songs and performing at various festivals including Taste of Saskatchewan, BEDROCK Festival, North Battleford Pride Festival and Pretty in Punk. In collaboration with Jared Robinson at Nebublus Entertainment and Jesse Weiman at Nolita Studios, they released their first self-titled EP in October of 2017. Their first single 'Ex Oh' followed by 'One By One'  gained radio play across Canada, Australia and the U.K. In the spring of 2018 K!lljoy placed in the Top 100 in the CBC Searchlight competition earning a slot in the Top 12 Standout songs for 'Ex Oh.' K!lljoy has become reowned for their contagious energy on stage and good ole fist pumping pop punk fun for the crowd. They bare their heart and soul through melodic harmonies and authentic lyrics portraying the struggles that many young adults face when enduring heartbreak, discovering themselves and coming into their own along the way. K!lljoy's 2nd EP is expected to drop later this year. 

"As a music lover, I cannot articulate the right amount of joy that Killjoy gives me. While they are a relatively new band, the drive, passion and promise they show as emerging artists is quite remarkable. They have captured the pop punk sound and refined it to their own unique sensibilities. I also can't stress enough, how exciting and important it is to have a female fronted band in Saskatchewan. It's an added pleasure that they're actually good. Killjoy has an indefinable stage presence that makes them a must see." — Ezekiel McAdams, Journalist. 

"Killjoy had reached out to me (Nebulus Entertainment) to help continue their efforts as a punk/pop group. After listening to the band’s early demos, it wasn’t hard for me to accept the challenge. Killjoy’s dual-female vocal melodies/harmonies were something that really resonated with me, and working together fell into place easily. The first single we recorded received local radio play, and I think that could be just the tip of the iceberg for this band. I look forward to working again with them in near future." — Jared Robinson, Nebulus Entertainment.  

"Recently, I've been fortunate enough to get to know the camp that makes up Killjoy. I can honestly say they're a band to watch out for. They're catchy, easy to work with, determined and "one by one they'll prove you wrong." Keep an eye out as Killjoy revs up in 2018." — Terran Buck, bassist from Laika  

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Killjoy for the past three years. They are a hardworking and consistent band. I see a very bright future for them." — Jesse Weiman, Nolita Studios